Roasting S’mores Hack, All at Once

Roasting s’mores at it’s best

I thought about roasting s’mores and I discovered toasting a marshmallow is an art form when you can cook a s’more all on one stick. Instead, I was trying to figure out a way to make the chocolate softer, other than just waiting for the marshmallow itself to heat the chocolate and how to get the graham crackers warm too.

Cook a whole S’more on the rolla roaster

All of us love sitting around the campfire, but sometimes when it’s your main family tradition, and you have a dad who is constantly coaching you on how to roast the perfect s’more, out of that comes the inspiration to make a s’more in a whole new way.
I decided to try toasting it on the Rolla Roaster and felt like I had discovered gold! My dad was so proud too. This is what happens when you’re from a family of campfire enthusiasts.

Most exciting, this is one more way the Rolla Roaster is making campfires revolutionary, and you can’t roast marshmallows on sticks this way. It has to be custom-made on the Rolla Roaster! Here is a video to show you how you can do this.


The steps to the perfect all in one toasted s’more

This way of campfire cooking will not work for those of you who like to burn their marshmallows, but for those who want the marshmallows nice golden brown, it’s perfect!

First, put one marshmallow on the Rolla Roaster

It’s like a chocolate sandwich. Spread the fork ends apart a little bit, don’t worry. It’s quality stainless steel and can handle just a slight stretch, but don’t over bend it; otherwise, you’re “s’more sandwich” won’t stay on.

Second, put the chocolate between the graham crackers

So it’s like a chocolate sandwich, the marshmallow will be added later. Spread the fork ends apart a little bit, don’t worry its quality stainless steel and can handle just a slight stretch, but don’t over bend it otherwise you’re “s’more sandwich” won’t stay on.

roasting a s'more pre marshmallow rolla roaster camping fork graham cracker
Slide the graham crackers in the opposite direction of the natural crease in the crackers; otherwise, it will split. Once it’s secure, you should be able to rotate the fork as usual and start toasting the complete s’more!

Third, start toasting marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers over the campfire.

The key is don’t let the chocolate melt too much because it will all fall in the campfire. Usually, when done right, it all gets done simultaneously.

Once it’s all done, carefully slide the crackers with melted chocolate off the fork

Then open it up carefully so the chocolate doesn’t run off, then slide the marshmallow off the fork with the already made melted chocolate “s’more sandwich.”
To get rid of the gooey mess, burn it off in the fire. The fork is stainless steel, and it can handle!

To get rid of the gooey mess just burn it off in the fire. The fork is stainless steel, it can handle!


If you still want to burn your marshmallow or look super cool to be double-wielding 2 Rolla Roasters while at the campfire, you can divide these two processes up.
This style of s’more roasting doesn’t work on the Rolla Roaster Folding fork, but we’ll post a different custom recipe for that one later!

Anyone else has campfire cooking inventions to share? Please let us know in the comments! Happy campfire cooking, everyone!
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