Best Family Campfire Songs

Want to have a great cookout with your family on your Memorial Day weekend camping trip? You’ll need Rolla Roasters, great campfire cooking recipes, and kid-friendly songs for a memorable evening around the campfire.

Rolla Roasters are the original marshmallow camping fork- they make the campfire cooking experience fun and enjoyable for everyone. (If you buy six sets now you’ll get free shipping!) Check out our blog for some great family campfire cooking recipes like Family Friendly Campfire Recipes, how to Upgrade your S’mores, the Best Campfire Food to Toast on your Rolla Roaster, and more!

As for the sing-a-long portion of the family cookout…watch Gary Ryan playing Benga Beat to stoke your creativity on the guitar. Excellent campfire music for children can be found at:

Go to to get your Rolla Roasters and find more family camping tips.


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