Best Campfire Food to Toast on a Rolla Roaster

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Grilling food on a Rolla Roaster is one of the easiest, most fun ways of cooking on a campfire. All you have to do is pierce your food on the end of the toasting fork and stick it over the fire. The Rolla Roaster is especially great for toasting food because the double-pronged fork keeps the food securely on the end. The rotisserie turning knob allows you to leisurely turn your food so that it ends up perfectly toasted. And unlike using an iron grill or wrapping the food in tin foil and putting it on the coals cooking with the Rolla Roaster allows you to easily control where in the fire your food is being cooked and adjust it throughout the cooking process for the perfectly finished campfire dinner. Having a safe and easy way for everyone to participate in the cooking process will allow for a relaxing experience and give the cook of the family a break. Clean-up is extremely easy which means that all the prep and cleaning time you saved can be used to share stories and laughs with family and friends. Cooking with a Rolla Roaster will make your cookouts a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

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Here are some of the best things to toast with your Rolla Roaster on  campfire:


Cooking bread on your Rolla Roaster is simple. Mix together some bread dough- any kind will work: naan, store-bought dough, or Bisquick- and twist the dough around the tongs. Chilled dough is ideal and make sure that the dough is thick enough to stay on the tongs. Toaster waffles are also easy to toast on the end of the Rolla Roaster for a super easy campfire breakfast.


There’s nothing quite like cooking your own meat over a fire. Pierce your steak, fish, hot dogs, wild game, or whatever else you’re cooking on the end of the Rolla Roaster, then sit back and relax while you’re toasting your dinner. The rotisserie knob set in the Rolla Roaster’s handle allows you to easily cook your meat to perfection.

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Pizza pockets

This dinner staple of teenagers everywhere turns out to be pretty tasty campfire food. Suggestion: pierce the smaller, thicker end of the pizza pocket instead of the juicy center.

Courtesy of Vegetables

Spear those vegetables on a tasty Rolla Roaster kabob or cook them separately to round out your outdoor meal. The less dense veggies, such as peppers or corn, are better to toast as opposed to the more dense veggies (which typically do better when cooked directly on the coals). Mushrooms are also a quick-cooking, tasty campfire food.

Grilled Fruit

You can toast any hard fleshed fruit (banana, pineapple, peaches, dates…) on the fire for an easy dessert. The heat brings out the sweet flavor of the fruit as the sugars caramelize, yummy.


Toast your marshmallow to perfection on a Rolla Roaster then sandwich it between two graham crackers and chocolate for a tasty s’more.

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