Your Rolla Roaster Stories

The Rolla Roaster- the original telescoping marshmallow toasting stick that rotates.

Rolla Roasters

The Rolla Roaster now comes in thirteen colors!

Have you taken your Rolla Roasters with you on a fantastic trip? Do you have an interesting story about using your Rolla Roasters? Share you stories with us and it may be highlighted on our blog! Here is some feedback from our customers:

From Wyatt- Oct 23rd, 2013:

“Just wanted to share our first time use of our Rolla Roaster….I have some fellow co-workers saying they’ll place some orders. Thank you. Great product.”

Check out Wyatt’s trip story at

A happy camper using his Rolla Roaster.

Wyatt on a recent camping trip in British Columbia.

Cooking with Rolla Roasters

Photos courtesy of Wyatt McNulty

From Laura :

“I love my folding RollaRoaster fork.  I have used it in all the ordinary ways – camping, backyard fire pit, backpacking.

My most unusal (sic) usage was when I had something roll into the small space between the stove and refrigerator – 48″ of RollaRoaster to the rescue!”

Rolla Roaster Folding Camping ForkThe Rolla Roaster Folding Camping Fork folds down to 7.5 inches and telescopes out to 48 inches!

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