Resolve to Have an Epic Year

 The Ultimate  to Resolutions: Explore and Guarantee an Epic Year

How many times do we set resolutions that we just don’t follow? Here are some tips to get you to go explore the world around you and get out of your routine.

The inspiration hits us when we hear the fireworks booming in distance, or the front yard. We turn the page on a fresh planner and feel invincible, full of incredible potential. Then February rolls around we’re still recovering from the whirlwind of the holidays and realize we’re stuck in the daily grind again, wondering where January went.

Here three things that we’ve set as goals this year and we hope it can inspire you as well.

traveling is to explore

Go explore, where you are

Sometimes we can get tunnel vision. We think we need a vacation get out of the rut we are in. But sometimes if we just take the time to go outside for a 30 minute walk in the neighborhood and walk up a new street can be just what we need. Go explore somewhere entirely new, a mountain you haven’t climbed a city you haven’t explored even though you go through it often.

bhutan explore

 Unplug, but still be social

Whatever happened to handwritten letters? The more “social media” we have the less we become genuinely connected to those around us. So how do we fix this? Once in awhile, set down the smart phone, leave it in another room, write a letter and mail it. Another day kick it old school and pick up the phone and call just to say “Hi” to someone. And finally have a random, unplanned, backyard campfire or barbecue party, invite people over.  Whatever it takes to withdraw from this constant digital world, take a breath and enjoy the time with people around you.

happy times

 Do something crazy!

What are the things in life we remember most? Crazy doesn’t have to be extreme. Go camping, go to a coffee shop, jump in the ocean with your regular clothes on, or sign up for ballroom dancing. To those spontaneous people out there take a last minute weekend trip. There’s great last minute flight deals, go solo or with family and friends. Just be and explore a new place. You know what your kind of crazy is! Keep your hope alive and dream BIG!

Have a great year, for the 11 months left in 2016!

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