Shout Out to Creativity and Innovation

The Rolla Roaster, the original marshmallow toasting fork, was created by innovation and creativity.

The rotisserie knob in the handle lets you toast your food over the fire with minimal effort instead of hurting your wrist twisting a Rolla Roasters- the original marshmallow toasting forks. stick. The stainless steel toasting fork is easy to clean and the double tip can better keep your food where it’s supposed to be. The hardwood handle will keep your hand comfortable even when you’re close to a roaring fire.

The winner of this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival Grand Prize is another prime example of similar innovation and creativity.

Two Norwegian filmmakers spent the winter on a beach north of the Arctic circle surfing, cleaning up the trash that had washed up on the beach, and loving life. They built their winter home entirely out of flotsam from the beach. Check out the Nordfor Sola teaser or their website for full information from the filmmakers themselves. It’s an inspiring and joyous film that will remind you that all problems can be solved with the right mindset.

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