How to Stay Productive and Encouraged during Lockdown

Keys to staying encouraged and productive during this time are essential. Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by all the current events? The thing that helps me is remembering that we’re not alone in this.
I wanted to share these videos that others have created that have encouraged me this week.

Choose Hope; We’re all in this Together

Muse Storytelling is a company in Portland, Oregon. They opened up this video collaboration to show us all the globe what we’re going through during this historical time when Covid19 (Corona Virus). I love how it brings us all together.

Three-Year Rule, Focus on the Future, This will Pass.

Here is some practical advice from Matt D’Avella, a minimalist filmmaker, YouTuber & podcaster. A few years ago, I discovered this content from Matt, and it’s been beneficial and encouraging videos about life and lessons.

We’ve all hit setbacks in our lives. But the central encouragement in this video is never to give up.

Essential take ways and quotes from this video: “Don’t expect to be an overnight success. Be committed to doing this for the long run.”
Set Rules for yourself. Focus on big goals and know when to say no.
If you enjoy the process and happily create for years, you’ll make it to the other side.


Pause, Breathe and Stretch

Yoga with Adriene is a new channel I’ve constantly been watching, and it’s made a massive difference in how I’ve been able to stay productive while at home. I set up a routine to do one in the morning, usually the 7-10 minute videos. She posts fantastic yoga videos for everything you could imagine, relief for back and neck pain.

I was surprised that what wears our body down the most is sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day. Now, in this time where we may not be at a desk but sitting on the couch, it helps so much just to add a little movement to your day. Of course, now staying home all day doesn’t constantly improve that, but it’s important to remember to take some time for yourself, and even if you have 5 minutes, just moving your body makes a world of difference. Plus, it’s fun to do yoga with Adriene and her dog Benji. She has a fantastic variety of videos ranging from home exercise series and concise yoga videos.

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