Folding Camping Fork

Designed to be the most compact and versatile camping fork on the market the Folding Camping Fork is perfect for cooking food over the campfire. This sturdy barbeque fork uses tension to flip open and its heavy duty construction can handle even the toughest cooking uses.  Like its Rolla Roaster cousins, the Folding Camping Fork features a rotisserie turning knob, a heat resistant handle that is easy to grip, and a stainless steel shaft. The fork folds back for safety, telescopes from 7.5 inches to 48 inches, and comes in a durable nylon belt case. Despite its sturdy build, this campfire toasting fork weighs only four ounces. The Folding Camping Fork is a perfect gift for all those hard-core, outdoor adventurers in your life!
Rolla Roaster Folding Camping Fork
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Compact fold-back safety fork. Telescopes from 7.5″ to 48″! Rotisserie Turning Knob, Heat Resistant E-Z Grip Handle, All Stainless Steel Shaft, Heavy Duty Construction, and Durable Nylon Belt Case.

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