Family Camping Gear

A Rolla Roaster with a campfire in the background.

A Rolla Roaster with a wood-stained, heat-resistant handle. All Rolla Roasters have a rotisserie turning knob and a stainless steel toasting fork.

Thanks to Kate Bayless for her Rolla Roaster shout-out in a recent article on family camping: “Gear Girl Fall Family Camping.”

The original marshmallow toasting forks featured in the “Food Fun” section along with other kid-friendly camping supplies. According to Bayless, “theoretically, you could have a whole meal on these sticks with zero clean up.” Rolla Roasters, the telescoping barbeque forks that rotate, are available for sale from retailers such as REI, LL Bean or directly from CMS Manufacturing.

Check out “Gear Girl Fall Family Camping” for the best gear to take on a family camping trip at

 Visit the Rolla Roaster website ( for special holiday deals and gift wrapping!


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