Enjoy the Season

colorful line up of rolla roasters


As we enter the holiday season everyone is thinking of great gifts for family and friends. The Rolla Roaster is a great gift for every person who loves the outdoors and camping. It even would be good as a stocking stuffer.

It’s the best marshmallow roasting stick out there, it extends from a compact 12 inches to 42 inches with a stainless steel fork and rotates at with a knob so you can get that perfect golden brown marshmallow. Of course marshmallows are not the only thing you can cook with these… hot dogs, scrimp, apple slices, fig newtons are a few other ideas….we always used the time to be creative! Just anything to enjoy time sitting around the campfire.

You can choose from a variety of colors or just stick with the original stained wood handle.  At just 12 dollars for a set of 2 it’s an affordable gift for the people in your life this year.


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