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Football Season is Here

In America, we slay footballs with our hands, and we’ve been doing it since 1869. Whether you’re a professional watcher or a half time flag football player, football is an American tradition. Here at Rolla Roaster, we take tradition pretty seriously. For that reason for a limited time, you can customize your Rolla Roaster set to represent your team. #repyourteam

team colors

Not only do we love football, we also love the things that football represents. Hard work, dedication, loyalty, and team spirit, we’ve got spirit! However you slice it, football is a culture of community—both on the field and off. It’s a chance to spend time with friends and loved ones, while you root for your team. Together, we laugh, we yell, we cheer, we ugly cry. But no matter what we do, we stick by our team—through good times and bad. And whether your team is NFL, your Alma Mater, or your high school champs, you can find any color combination and customize your set of rolla roasters for your next tailgate or camping adventure.

Rolla Roaster Color Line Up

Usually, each set includes two Rolla Roasters of the same color. But since we’ve always got your back, you can customize your Rolla Roasters by selecting two different colors. So pick wise, and pick proud.

customize team colors

This football season get ready to tailgate and after the game go back to , these customized Rolla Roasters are the perfect gift for the “World’s Biggest Fan” in your life. Or maybe even that rival-team fan you somehow still call “friend”—if you can stomach it. With their slim profile, Rolla Roasters make great stocking stuffers, too. Just think… by customizing your set now, you can stuff your face later, with perfect, golden roasted marshmallows and plump, juicy dogs. It’s a win-win.  This isn’t Little Leagues, and winning is everything. Either way, show up to the next game with these bad boys and tailgate in style. You might even spark a new American tradition.


rep your team

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