Top Five Tents of 2020 | How to choose the best tent

Choosing the proper tent for your 2020 camping season can be difficult.

There are hundreds of options. Price points range from 25 dollars to 2,000 dollars. Expensive, does not always mean best but price does bring with it certain features and functionality which many cheaper tents are lacking. So, here are five tents, of various purposes and price points which I would recommend for the 2020 season. Depending on what you need a tent for, whether it be backpacking, where you value light weight, easily packed tents or car camping with the family, where size and comfortability reign supreme, I have researched the tents and these are my recommendations. Top Two Lightweight/Backpacking Tents We’ll start off with the lightweight tents. Backpacking and through hiking have drastically grown in popularity over the past years. If you are an aspiring adventurer who is looking to hit the trail for an extended trip into the wild, these two tents should well fit all your needs.

The Tarptent Stratosphere Lithium.

This double walled tent consists of an inner mesh layer and an outer layer of dyneema. The double wall protection adds insulation to the tent and dyneema stays taught and water proof in all weather and packing situations. Because the tent floor is dyneema, you can also get away with sparing yourself the weight of a footprint, as no ground moisture will bother you through the floor. The tent is designed for two people, with two doors and two vestibules, in which campers cans store their gear. It has interior storage pouches near the head and feet areas and is equipped with hooks for hanging lanterns or other camping accessories in the tent. The tent is easily set up to a free standing structure with two trekking poles and six small tent stakes. This tent comes recommended by Homemade Wanderlust, who is a very popular and successful Youtuber and Thruhiker. For more info on the tent, check out her review here: 

Sierra Designs High Side

The Sierra High side is an extremely high quality tent which is widely respected by outdoorsman and is often in high demand. The tent weighs just over two pounds and costs just over two hundred dollars. For a tent that weight, that is an extremely low price. Ironically, tents go up in cost if they are very large or very small, as those commodities are equally cherished, depending on the tents purpose. This tent is a minimalist tent by weight and cost perspectives and it still sets up into a fairly roomy tent with a large vestibule. This model is designed for one person and is an ideal tent for a solo hiking or backpacking adventure. The Sierra High Side is tested for three seasons. This tent comes highly recommended from many outdoorsman, namely, Outdoor Gear Review: 

And Dan Becker, sponsored by Backcountry: 

Luxury and Family Tents Backpacking tents are highly specific and definitely not what everyone is looking for. If you are looking to set up just off the road, near a parking area or in a campground, such as a KOA, then you do not need to worry about the weight of your tent. Additionally, if you have a massive family with you and/or value a bit of luxury, comfort and space when camping, these two tents will be more suited to your needs. 

Crua Tri Luxury Winter Tent

This tent is one of those tents which you walk into at the store and just wish you could own it. This tent is fully insulated with plush interior walls and excellent insulation which keep out cold weather in colder climates and keeps cold in for hotter camping adventures. This fully outfitted tent features 60 square feet of floor space with an additional 20 feet of space under a patio extension and very comfortably camps three people (my friends and I, would easily camp six in here). The Crua Tri is tested for below zero temperatures and sixty mile an hour winds. The only down side to this amazing tent, is it’s 900$ price range, but if you can afford it, then it is a fantastic way to keep you and your fellow campers comfortable at base camp for any outdoor endeavor, in any climate.

The Crua Tri was featured by Fresh Outdoor Reviews in their chosen

Best Luxury Tents

 Core 12 Person Insta-Cabin

I really like this tent for large families. This easily assembled, pop-up tent is outfitted with three separate rooms and can sleep up to twelve in it’s massive 180 square feet of space. Unlike many tents this size, it does not inflate, which personally, I prefer. Less possibility for destruction. The tent is also eight feet tall when fully assembled, so anyone can comfortably move around inside. This tent is tested for three seasons, outfitted with a fully waterproof rain fly and adjustable ventilation hatches. It features a double door system for easy entry and exit and additional space with an extendable porch awning. The poles for the tent are pre-attached, so it only takes about ten minutes to put up with two people. The thing about this tent that sets it above the others is that is is just above 300 dollars in price. 

For a tent this size, that is ludicrously cheap and this tent is very stable, functional and accommodating for that price. This tent was featured in the “Top Ten Best Large Family Camping Tents,” and comes highly recommended on multiple outlet sites.

My Personal Tent Recommendation For multi-purpose

For a middle of the road camper, like myself, a tent which can adequately serve various functions is key. I also do not have 900 dollars to drop on an extravagant tent like the Crua Tri, as I’m sure many of my fellow adventure seekers don’t. I like my tent to be light enough to backpack with but freestanding and accommodating enough for a car camping trip in the mountains or desert. For the past year, my fiancé and I have been using our Marmot Tungsten 2 Person, 3 Season Tent and we couldn’t recommend it higher. As a matter of fact, I proposed to my fiancé in this tent, so it has been tested and proven to be the right camping shelter for occasions of paramount significance. 

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Personal Recommendation:

The Marmot Tungsten 2P 3 Season Tent

This little two person tent weighs four pounds, sets up in under five minutes and sleeps comfortably down to freezing temperatures. The tent is double walled with a mesh interior and a rain fly of polyester and taffeta. The mesh ceiling provides for excellent exposure to the night sky if you are camping in a warm enough climate and the rain fly completely protects the tent from all elements, even the cold. The tent come with a footprint, poles and stakes. Assembly is accomplished simply by crossing the poles and snapping on the color coded clips, then staking down and buckling in the rain fly. The tent features duel, D shaped doors and two sizable vestibules.

Two people sleep comfortably in the 32 square feet of floor space and the 46 inch ceiling makes it easy to sit up and play cards or read. The tent is outfitted with five storage pouches near the head, feet and on the ceiling and has handy hooks right where you need them for hanging your lantern or headlamp. The fly is seam taped and ventilated for full protection from the elements, without hindering air flow. This tent runs you three hundred dollars, but we have camped with it everywhere from northern Washington to Southern Utah, in temperatures as low as six degrees and it has never let us down. I highly recommend the Marmot Tungsten for the multi-purpose, mid range tent of 2020. For more information on the set up and features of this tent, check out the link below: 

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