Best Outdoor Gifts for the Holidays

Christmas is almost here, you’ve probably already been on the look out for the best gifts for Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters and countless friends. If you’re looking for useful, versatile and affordable gifts here are our top picks for 2015.

Hopefully this will steer you in the right direction for all your Christmas shopping for the adventurous explorers in your life.


The Rolla Roaster

$12.95-13.95 per set of 2

Of course our number one recommendation is the Rolla Roaster. It can be a great stocking stuffer as it is only 12” when compacted. This is the best camping fork out there for all your marshmallow roasting ventures and it is compact so its easy to travel with.  The Rolla Roaster telescopes from 12-42 inches, it has a stainless steel fork, a wooden handle and knob for rotating the fork to make that perfect golden s’more. Theres a variety of 12 colors plus 3 new hydro-dipped camouflage options!

Snow rolla roastersHydro dipped rolla roasters



Eagle Creek Lync Luggage (Carry on size)



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Now is the time to travel. My goal is to always pack as light as possible, however after you add in camera gear and clothes for any person who is used to weather in the northwest, it becomes difficult. Eagle creek bags are some of my favorite I’ve never been able to destroy one. That includes using it to haul other bags up to 50lbs that don’t have wheels. One time I ran it through the crazy streets of Bangkok just letting it roll up and down the curbs and sidewalks, train tracks… and it never broke.

The EC Lync is a new bag by Eagle Creek that is one of the most versatile bags I’ve seen. I always had a goal to invent a bag similar because its the ultimate transforming luggage. It’s only 4 pounds, the wheels and frame can come all the way off and it can collapse to such a small size. So whether it’s a city trip or a camping trip you’re always ready. Sometimes when I travel I can’t decide whether I want to take a roller or a backpack and in this you get both.


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.01.59 PM


Folding Fork



The Folding Fork is the perfect gift for a backpacker or anyone who loves to cook while out on the trail or have the coolest accessory at a backyard barbecue. This fork has the ability to multi task also. Lately I’ve thought using it as a selfie stick. With a little attachment it should work. I’ll post the best photos from that later, along with other uses we dream up while roasting a heavy duty meal over the campfire is the most important. What is so unique about this camping fork? As you can tell from the name, the fork folds so it is ultra compact and is the heavy duty version of the Rolla Roaster. It extends from 7.5-48 inches. When collapsed you can keep it on your belt in the custom pouch with a belt loop that comes with it. This makes it a great gift not only for backpackers but for anyone who likes bon fires or beach campfires, we always used them during snowmobile trips when the fire pit was down in the snow.  It comes in the original black color, but this month we are introducing the 3 new hydro-dipped colored handles in varieties of camouflage. A gift for hunters or anyone who likes to shop at Cabbalas where it’s all things camo.

RollaRoaster-FoldingFork-wPackaging2zcamping fork in the snow


Go Pro Hero 4 (Silver or Black)


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.04.05 PM

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Go pro. Enough said. I can’t believe how amazing this little camera is. This would even be a great gift for your kids. It is invincible! As long as it’s in the housing. In this model of GoPro they’ve improved the sound recording so it gets great sound when it is outside the housing. Inside the housing you can go underwater down to  For beginners the Go Pro Hero 3 or lower would be a good starter camera if you’re looking for a more affordable camera. For professionals the Hero 4 Black its a deal, and it can record in 4K as well as many other high definition settings.

15-12-19 hammock pic Maui-from web-RR


ENO Doublenest Hammock


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.10.48 PM

If every item listed here was something you could put in a kit for survival living the life outdoors this would wrap it all up. A hammock!

I’ve had my eno hammock 3 years now. We used to hang them up in trees on our campus, not recommended by Eno, but I’m just saying this because I trust that it won’t split open and I’ve tested this. One time I hung my hammock over a waterfall, that was a little more risky, but it was fun!









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