Backpacking, Rolla Roaster style

Rolla Roaster Folding Fork

It was the first backpacking trip of the year for us. We took the Rapid River trail located in Riggins, Idaho. I can’t imagine how hot this hike would be in the summer, but for Spring backpacking it was perfect. Perfect temperatures and it didn’t rain! We spent 2 nights along the river trail and enjoyed a few nights around the campfire with Rolla Roaster! Yes we also had the normal backpacking gear for cooking thanks to my friends. They brought a water filter and compact stove but for any meat stuff we cooked it all over the fire with the rolla roaster! We forgot marshmallows but that would have been unnecessary food for this trip. The heavy duty Folding Fork is the best backpacking cooking tool since telescopes out to almost 5ft and it folds down to 7 inches then is carried in a belt pouch, but the original rolla roaster proved to be very compact also. I was carrying both and it didn’t seem to add any weight that I noticed.  Other highlights of this trip. We didn’t see any cougars, no one got sick except for the dog, he was in the tent with us, that was interesting. My pack was much lighter and way more enjoyable for the 4 mile hike out. Overall it was a great way to start out the coming season of camping and backpacking! If you are in Idaho or ever want to visit Idaho definitely check out this trail.

And don’t forget to get a few rolla roasters before you go backing this year. Save all the sticks to burn in the campfire!

Rapid River trail

This is a view of the beginning of the Rapid River trail. Absolutely beautiful!Rolla Roaster Backpacking

The original rolla roaster packed and ready to go on the trail. River CampfireThe heavy duty folding fork and the original Rolla Roaster cooking Brauts sausages around our river campfire.


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