5 Ideas for Unique Valentines Dates

Happy Valentines Day!

Anyone ever wanted to plan the most unique and memorable date? Theres always your traditional options, but why not think outside the box.  Really it’s not about the “perfect” date and a sea of red hearts. But here is some other ideas.



Go to a park or the beach, have a little campfire cookout. There is always good excuse to spend with your significant other just take a pause and make the time to spend around the campfire. Between dinner and time to toast some s’mores make sure you’re in a good spot to watch the sunset.
For those living in colder climates. A campfire isn’t totally out. Go out to dinner somewhere close by. They might even have those fancy fire pits at the restaurant. After dinner take a nice walk to the house and have movie night, cook some s’mores before.  I think this will help you remember that summer is coming and soon you’ll be able to be at an outdoor campfire.


Random Adventure Day

Theres nothing like quality time and random adventures. Just take a day and make it up as you go.  Nothing is the plan. Take a drive and see where you end up.  Even if you’re the kind of person that would never do this try it. The act of taking a day to just go is a new kind of freedom that we don’t get too much in our scheduled lives. Drive to a nearby town, throw hammocks in the car, see a trail go up it.   This can be an excellent date idea for any stage of a relationship at any age. So whether its a second date or a 50th anniversary date, it works.  There’s plenty of time to talk and with no plan it gives so much opportunity for randomness and adventure.


Dress Up at Goodwill

This is one for city dwellers this is a unique idea. Go shopping at thrift store, pick out outfits that you would dress the other person in, then buy it and give it to a homeless person. You could keep the outfit too if you really like it or not buy anything just have fun dressing up. Picture that montage of the dressing room every romantic comedy seems to have. This would be a fun opportunity to give back also if you did end up giving away the outfits.


Snowboard or Ski Day

Anyone ever want to spend an entire day with your date? Well here is your chance. Go snowboarding or skiing. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend time together. On the chairlift there’s so much time to talk, hopefully the snow will be good and you won’t crash but even that what is more romantic than a ride with ski patrol in the sled.  Hopefully that won’t happen though.  Then after a long day at the ski hill you can always stop at a hot springs on the way home. Even if you’re with a group there’s always an opportunity to break away and just go on a few runs together.

Rooftop Exploring

As long as you’re not trespassing go find a rooftop somewhere, theres something about looking over the night skyline that is special. Some restaurants are in rooftops already, maybe eat somewhere else then go up to the rooftop dressed up to the nines.

And when all else fails. Dance!


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