Smores Sticks

Smores Sticks | S’mores Sticks (Potatoe / Potato) Right?

Probably everyone has a different name for those things you use to roast marshmallows and weenies over the fire pit. They have been called hot dog forks, marshmallow skewers, smores sticks, weenie roasters, and probably a dozen other names. And they usually take the shape of long, pointy forks, or a stick you found on the forest floor.

The next time you’re craving a smore, leave the sticks to your dog and join the modern world by cooking with a Rolla Roaster. Scroll below the image.

smores sticks, s'mores sticks

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These smores sticks are designed to be like any other camping gear; they are lightweight, durable, and fold away to be easily packed and carried. Rolla Roasters extend and retract, as well as collapse for convenient storage. The extendible fork stem makes it easy to cook your food over an open flame at a comfortable distance from the fire. And when you are done, the Rolla Roaster folds down and can be tucked away in its case to protect people from the sharp prongs. The most notable feature and the reason for the product’s name, is the rotating knob on it’s handle. This allows the user to slowly turn their food over the fire in order to get a perfect, all-around toast, and not awkwardly strain their wrist like with other smores sticks. Rolla Roasters are available in a variety of colors, patterns of camouflage, and even classic wood.

Rolla Roaster’s make wonderful gifts for the camper, travel or smores lover in your life.