Smores Skewers

S’mores Skewers!

smores skewersIs there anything better on a chilly, summer evening – than sitting around a campfire and eating s’mores? Okay, don’t answer that. Everything is relative, but some of our own fondest memories is sitting around a nice, warm fire and breaking out the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars to make some sweet evening treats!

One of our website visitors once shared that she was trying her best to get everyone’s attention at a campout and no matter what she tried, nothing worked. She said she yelled, whistled and jump around like a crazy person and yet she could only draw the attention of a person or two. She shared that an idea popped into her head.

She went to her food supply and grabbed a box of graham crackers, a bad of marshmallows and a couple of bars of chocolate and QUIETLY crept over to the campfire and sat down. She shared that she had already planned to cook marshmallows – so she was prepared with a dozen or so skewers – but not for the specific task of getting everyone’s attention. Yet she quietly sat down on a log close to the fire and whipped out a skewer; opened the bag of marshmallows and roasted one over the fire. A few seconds later she mashed that in between two crackers and some chocolate and crunched down on the tasty treat. She only let out a quiet “mmmmmmmm” and within a minute the whole group was by her side and joining in.

Rolla Roaster’s skewers are perfect for every occasion where cooking hotdogs or roasting marshmallows is the “task” at hand.

Call ’em What you Want!

Hot dog forks, marshmallow roasting sticks, smores skewers, hot dog skewers – whatever – Rolla Roaster is the best!

smores skewers, s'mores skewers

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Our skewers have been making bonfire-side munching as easy and fun as can be since they were invented in 1980. An affordable solution to the little frustrations that come with cooking outdoors, Rolla Roasters have been totally optimized for the specific purpose of providing a sturdy, efficient tool to cook things over a fire.

The extendible and retractable fork stem make it safe and easy to roast food at a comfortable distance from dangerous open flames. And, when you’ve finished with it, the Rolla Roaster folds down to fit easily in it’s case, and protect you from getting stuck with the prongs. The Rolla Roaster gets it’s name from it’s most innovative feature, the rotating knob on the handle that allows fireside chefs to turn their marshmallows or hot dogs slowly over the fire without straining their wrist awkwardly.

So the next time you want to roast some marshmallows or hot dogs outdoors, give that stick you found to your dog, put the wire coat hanger back in your coat closet, and pick up your handy Rolla Roaster!