All campfires will have Rolla Roasters one day

Finally our dream is coming true! The Rolla Roaster is replacing sticks in recent commercials online. Help us find the rolla roaster in other videos online or on tv.
The theme for these 2 seems to be girls going camping in the wilderness of the desert. They are great videos and photos.

Introducing Custom Stories-by SnapChat

Featuring the Rolla Roaster

Click here to view video! on youtube.

“Campfires fix everything” REI Featuring the Rolla Roaster

REI has been a great partner in getting rolla roasters in the hands of every camper in America. As they are a business that appreciates quality made products they have been selling our rolla roaster in thier stores and online for many years. The story of how we came together is quite an inspiration as well as it was around a campfire up in the mountains. A buyer from REI was on a guided tour in the wilderness of northern Idaho with Triple O Outfitters an outfitting company run by another member of our family. The buyer from REI first used the rolla roaster there, heard our story and it’s been a great journey ever since! Started around the campfire, not a business meeting.


While REI sells 4 of our 15 colors of the original rolla roaster. Any of the colors and the heavy duty version, Rolla Roaster Folding Fork are available at our shop.

marshmallow roasting sticks

We need your help to find other campfire’s featuring the rolla roaster online! Even if its a copy cat, anything you submit you’ll be in the running to win a set of rolla roasters or a folding fork!

Enter by submitting a message with your email and a link to the source of what you’ve found.

Happy camping!

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