The Secret Ingredient to a Perfect Father’s Day

So, your Dad is a gadget guy, huh? Maybe he loves having the latest and greatest tech. Or, maybe he’s a sports fan and never misses an opportunity to debate, point-by-point, why the Red Sox are better than the Yankees.

And while Dads appreciate gifts like anyone else, the ultimate Father’s Day present is the gift of time. And your time is what he values most of all.

So, think about your dad. Think about his passions. And, most importantly, think about your favorite memories with him.  What were they spent doing? Therein lies the secret to the Perfect Father’s Day.


Here are some ideas to get you started:

Take Me Out to The Ball Game

Was baseball your “thing”? Did he always take you to the local ball games? Maybe he helped you perfect that killer curveball? If so, why not gather the family together for a rousing game of softball? Or football, basketball, soccer, tennis… you get the idea. No matter your choice in sport, he will revel in the opportunity to spend quality time together (and prove he’s still “got it”). Just don’t forget to throw compliments his way. It is Father’s Day, after all. Comments like, “I learned from the best,” will score you serious brownie points.

*If you don’t have enough players for teams, there’s nothing wrong with simply playing catch. Dust off your glove and give him an hour of your time. It may sound simple, but he’ll be grinning from ear to ear remembering you in that oversized ball cap.

baseball game

                Gone Fishin’

Is your dad a local fishing legend? Do stories of his 22-pound bass circulate among his friends?  Did you learn to tie flies before tying your laces? Chances are you’ve got a Bass Pro Dad. And chances are even better he’d be thrilled to cast a line with you this Father’s Day. Bonus points if you’ve got all the fixin’s ready for a fish fry. Just be sure to have some backup fish ready to go in case the fish just aren’t biting. But don’t tell him—wouldn’t want him thinking you’ve jinxed the bait.

fishing with dad

The Movie Critic

We can think of a few dads who are all about the silver screen. They love discussing the latest films, and live to debate old classics. If you opt to take him to the cinema, give him time for a lengthy debate. Don’t forget that it’s about more than watching the film for him—the fun is in the ensuing critique. If you’re not an expert, do some research before watching the film. Not only will you have a few talking points up your sleeve—but nothing is more fun than playing the Devil’s advocate. Take opposite sides and BAM—you’ve got yourself a lively debate. Just remember to keep things cool—you might even “let” him win, you know, in honor of Father’s Day.


Ducks, Trucks, and Eight Point Bucks

If his calendar is marked not by months, but by hunting seasons… You’ll knock this Father’s Day out of the park with a day spent at the shooting range. Practice makes perfect and it’s always good to brush up on gun safety.  To really get the conversations flowing, ask him about the “one who got away.” In our experience, hunters always have great stories about a tragically missed shot. All the more reason to practice!


Shoot for the Moon

OK, this one might sound a little ‘out there’ (pun intended), but how many of you remember laying out in the backyard on a warm summer night, gazing at the stars? Raise your hand if your dad seemed to know all the constellations? Of course now you realize he made half of them up, but that’s neither here nor there. Sometimes it’s the little memories that mean the most and we are pretty darn certain Dad would love stargazing with adult-you, too. Grab some blankets, pull out your lawn chairs, crack open a cold one, and wait for the sun to set. You’ll be concocting interesting new constellation names (and reminiscing) in no time.


Not all Who Wander Are Lost

Maybe like us, camping was just part of growing up. Some of your greatest memories of all time were spent around a campfire. And your dad was always the fire building, tent raising, marshmallow roasting, fish catching, plant deciphering, Master of the Woods. He might have even been the Scout Leader of your Boy Scout unit. Sometimes, you still catch yourself singing Kumbaya in the shower. If that sounds like your childhood, why not turn Father’s Day into Father’s Weekend? Pack up and head to the woods with your favorite camping expert. The best thing about this one is you can combine some of the other suggestions into one perfect, dad-approved weekend. Fishing, anyone?


*If you can’t spend the whole weekend out in the woods, opt for a good old-fashioned backyard campfire. If you hadn’t noticed, we are pretty big fans of campfires. And now would be an excellent time to bust out the Folding Camping Fork. Since our stainless steel camping fork telescopes, rotates, and handles heavy brats like a dream, no Dad-worthy campfire is complete without it.


Make New Memories

No matter what you do this Father’s Day, you can ensure Dad knows exactly how much he means to you by spending quality time with him. Objects fade… memories last forever!



Katelyn Holzer is the talented photographer and free-spirited daughter of the legendary inventor, Bob Holzer.

Written by the word-nerd extraordinaire, Becca Storm.

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