Marshmallow Skewers

Marshmallow Skewers

Marshmallow Skewers

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For anyone in the market for marshmallow skewers to roast the fluffy, white delights, or crisp up hot dogs over a campsite bonfire or backyard fire pit, the Rolla Roaster is the perfect gadget.

Do you want to be a “hero” at your next cookout? Want to impress those friends who seem to have the perfect gadget for about any occasion? Purchase a few Rolla Roaster marshmallow skewers and the next time you’re cranking up a fire, bring out the hotdogs, marshmallows or s’mores and then whip out the Rolla Roaster!

Not only is it the perfect length and sturdy; it also has something that you don’t get with other campfire sticks. Ours has a unique knob that allows you to conveniently roll the hotdog or marshmallow to allow for perfectly cooked treats – every time!

Our hot dog and marshmallow skewers make wonderful gifts for the outdoor enthusiast or that casual, fire pit snacker in your life. Shop the full selection of products on the Rolla Roaster’s online store, and while you’re at it, check out the blog for ideas on adventuring, camping, s’mores and more!

Uniquely Designed!

The design of this fork is truly singular because it is retractable and extendible, but also collapsible. And it’s named for it’s most innovative feature, the knob on the handle that allows you to rotate the food over the fire for a more even roast! The extendible stem makes roasting campfire classics at a safe distance from the open flame an absolute breeze. The stick is also retractable for close distances, easy storage and efficient transport!

All of these innovative features make the Rolla Roaster the best option on the market for marshmallow skewers. It is available in an array of bright colors, camouflage patterns, black and classic wood.