Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

marshmallow roasting sticks

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Have you ever sat around a campfire? If you’re looking at this page, we’d almost guarantee that you have! Do you own one of the new propane powered fire pits or fire table? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we have a question for you. How long did it take before someone in your group asked if you had any marshmallows?

Nothing beats sitting around a warm fire and telling stories or playing campfire games – except sitting around a warm fire and telling stories and playing campfire games while eating roasted marshmallows and s’mores!

Have you ever scurried around the woods looking for a sufficient stick to use? Finding one or two is usually pretty easy. Getting the perfect stick or skewer for everyone is not as easy. Rolla Roaster offers the best, most affordable option that is perfect every time. Purchase 6-10 of them and you’ll almost always have enough for everyone in your group.

The Rolla Roaster was invented over 35 years ago to remedy every possible frustration that comes with using other marshmallow roasting sticks. Created by the owner of a small outdoor supply company, this device is totally optimized to it’s specific purpose and leaves no feature to be desired.

The Rolla Roaster sets itself apart from other marshmallow roasting sticks because it is light, durable, easily transportable and doesn’t take up much space.

The extendible stem makes roasting food from a safe and comfortable distance from the fire an absolute breeze. Rolla Roasters come with a case and fold down easily to protect from their sharp prongs and also fit anywhere among your other camp gear. This device’s claim to fame and the reason for it’s name is it’s most innovative feature, the rotating knob on the handle. This knob allows users to slowly turn their food over the fire for an even roast, without awkwardly straining their wrist. The Rolla Roaster is available in an array of colors, three different camouflage patterns, classic black and wood. So the next time you crave a s’more, give that stick you found to Fido and use your Rolla Roaster.

Order a couple Rolla Roasters for your next outing, or as a gift for the bonfire master in your life!