Hotdog Roasting Sticks

<h1 lang=”zxx”>Hotdog Roasting Sticks</h1>
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<p lang=”zxx”>Everyone has been in a situation where they are seated around a bonfire, either in a backyard or campsite, and someone pulls out a bag of marshmallows or hotdogs to crisp up over that open flame. Most people reach for the nearest, clean stick, swipe it off on their pants or singe the tip in the fire a little, and then stick it into their chosen treat to cook. Maybe the stick is too short and you’re feeling the heat from the fire too much, or the stick is too long and it dips your food too much into the fire, turning your hot dog into a dangerous ball of fire. What many people may not know is, all of these problems were remedied over 35 years ago when the Rolla Roaster was invented. These hotdog roasting sticks were tailor-made and fully optimized for the exact purpose of roasting marshmallows and hotdogs easily and comfortably over an open flame.</p>
<p lang=”zxx”>There are many companies that provide specialty roasting sticks, but the unique thing about Rolla Roasters hot dog skewers is that are designed to retract and collapse down to a convenient size to fit into about any backpack or camping gear. When fully extended, the provide plenty of length to cook on the campfire and not risk high heat or burns and yet they are still sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest of brats!</p>
<p lang=”zxx”>The Rolla Roasters best feature, and what it is named for, is the rotating knob located on the handle. This allows users to slowly turn their food for an even cook!</p>
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