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The next time you host a backyard get together over your fire pit, or plan a camping trip to the woods or beach, make sure you have the right tool to cook the marshmallows and hot dogs you’re bound to bring with you. The Rolla Roaster is absolutely perfect for comfortably roasting bonfire favorites over any open flame. It’s specifically made to avoid and improve upon those situations when normal campfire sticks and roasting forks disappoint. It was invented in 1980 by the owner of a small outdoor supply shop who lost his left arm, and wanted a hot dog roasting fork that could be operated one-handed. The result is the revolutionary convenient Rolla Roaster! Check out our online store to purchase yours today!

As many seasoned campers know, camping supplies have to be specially optimized for light, easy travel, but also durable enough to withstand the elements. Up until recently, campfire sticks didn’t meet these important criteria for camping. Now with the Rolla Roaster, you won’t remember how you ever cooked anything on a campfire without it! It features an extendable and retractable stem to roast food from a safe distance, and then shrink to fit easily into your pack. And it’s named for it’s most innovative feature, the knob on the handle that allows you to rotate the food over the fire for a more even roast!

The Rolla Roaster is also collapsible and folds in on itself to keep the sharp prongs tucked safely away in the case (included with every purchase). Also available are nylon belt cases to make sure your Rolla Roaster is never far from your hand! Rolla Roasters come in a rainbow of colors, but also camouflage patterns, black and classic bare wood. These innovative tools make perfect gifts for any outdoorsman, backyard bonfire master or simple s’more lover in your life. Shop the inventory and find out more by going to the site today!