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Whether you’re on a family weekend camping trip, an outdoors lover who lives off of bonfire vittles, or someone just hankering for a spontaneous s’more in their backyard, the Rolla Roaster is here to improve your experience! The Rolla Roaster is an open fire cooking tool like an upgraded version of the old campfire forks. This tool is tailor-made to be accommodating to the modern camper or traveler. The Rolla Roaster was invented way back in 1980, but the design and style have evolved with the rest of the world. Check out the Rolla Roaster website now and shop the variety of products offered, and also peruse the blog to get fun ideas for your next adventure!

Supplies and tools made specifically for camping are always required to be easily portable, efficient and convenient. Now, thanks to Rolla Roaster, even campfire forks can be as easily carried as your pup tent! The Rolla Roaster design is unique because it is retractable, extendible and collapsible. And it’s named for it’s most innovative feature, the knob on the handle that allows you to rotate the food over the fire for a more even roast! The forks are available in a variety of colors, a camouflage pattern, classic wood and black. The extendible fork stem makes roasting marshmallows and hot dogs at a safe distance from the bonfire an absolute breeze. It is also retractable for easy storage and efficient transport! The Rolla Roaster even folds back on itself and comes with a case to protect users from the pointed prongs. All of these brilliant features make this tool the only option for campfire forks. It is truly a one of a kind invention, but also the most affordable of it’s kind on the market for it’s value and quality!

Check out the entire available selection of roasters on our online store. They make wonderful gifts for the outdoorsman or weekend fire pit master in your life.