Bonfire Sticks

bonfire sticks

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Rolla Roasters are the best bonfire sticks

If you or your family are in search of bonfire sticks to roast marshmallows and hot dogs over your home fire pit or campsite bonfire, the Rolla Roaster is tailor-made to meet your every possible want. This nifty tool was designed to be the ultimate gadget for the sometimes unsafe and ungainly process of cooking over an open campfire.

Bob Holzer, the owner of a small outdoor supply store in Idaho, invented the Rolla Roaster in 1980 and the design has improved further over time making it the only name in commercial bonfire sticks. They make thoughtful gifts for the outdoorsman or marshmallow lover in your life who thinks they have everything! Shop the selection of products on Rolla Roaster’s website, and while you’re at it, check out the blog for ideas on adventuring, camping, s’mores and more!

Bonfire sticks can be as easily packed

Products specific to camping are always designed to be easily portable, efficient and as convenient as possible. Now, with the advent of Rolla Roaster, even bonfire sticks can be as easily packed and carried as your folding camp chair! The design is singular because it is retractable and extendible, but also collapsible. And it’s named for it’s most innovative feature, the knob on the handle that allows you to rotate the food over the fire for a more even roast!

Perfect gifts for any season

They are available in a variety of colors, camouflage patterns, black and classic wood. The extendible stem makes roasting campfire classics at a safe distance from the open flame an absolute breeze. The stick is also retractable for close distances, easy storage, and efficient transport! The Rolla Roaster even folds back on itself and comes with a protective case to keep the sharp prongs tucked safely away. All of these innovative features make the Rolla Roaster the best option on the market for bonfire sticks.

Check out our inventory and order your own. And don’t forget to look at their blog for camping and travel inspiration!